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Kay comes from a family of veterans and her service on the Military/Veterans/Homeland Security allows her to work toward making Georgia the most veteran-friendly state in the country. In the recent session, she was successful in advocating for a Veterans Education Career Transition Resource Center to be placed in Cobb County. Kay understands that education is an important concern in District 32 and the entire state. She supported legislation during the last session to decrease standardized testing and to add due process to teacher evaluations. She believes that a successful education system is the key to our workforce and economic recovery. 

Kay is a protector of services for seniors as well as those with mental health issues and disabilities. She is a champion for people in recovery from substance abuse. She is an advocate for victims of domestic violence and successfully passed legislation this session to clarify language to prevent dual arrests on domestic violence calls. She has sponsored several bills related to animal welfare. She supported legislation on hate crimes and protections for our first responders. 

An important part of the job of a legislator is service to constituents who need help navigating the various agencies in our state. Kay takes this very seriously and is available full-time to help her fellow Georgians 

As a physician, Kay is an effective advocate for public health and safety for the citizens of Georgia. She regularly works on insurance issues since they are directly related to healthcare. She has authored or sponsored a number of health-related bills, including: surprise billing, transparency for consumers, emergency prescriptions, and access to care across state lines including telemedicine. She also carried legislation to improve Georgia’s statistics on maternal mortality.

This year Kay sponsored and passed the “Save Our Sandwiches Bill” to allow nonprofit organizations to continue operating their summer feeding programs.

As a recovered COVID-19 patient, she has worked with our Department of Public Health to improve our pandemic response as a member of the Governor’s Coronavirus Taskforce, and she supported legislation to protect our healthcare workers during the pandemic. She also supported adding vaping to our current tobacco tax structure and raising the age for tobacco to 21.

Senator Kay Kirkpatrick


2146 Roswell Rd, Suite 108895, Marietta, GA 30062

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